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Josh Melick

Hey there! I'm Josh Melick and I'm a California-based entrepreneur and life-long builder. I started technical but now more focussed on people. 3X founder, founder and past CEO at Broadly.com, ex-Salesforce, ex-AT&T, ex-Intuit. Been through 5X mergers & acquisitions.

I enjoy connecting with like-minded people to talk shop over business, culture, travel, and many other topics. Reach out and let's share our stories!

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Companies Founded

After leaving Intuit in 2013, Josh started putting his entrepreneurial mind to work by first founding Broadly. A way to help other small businesses grow. Years later, Josh and his three colleagues founders MXPlayer after their departure of CIPIC Audio Research Lab.


Speaking & Writing

Josh is a frequent writer, speaker, and participant in various events and activities. Josh’s casual style allows him to be more direct and get right to the point while also being enjoyable and fun.


Mentorship & Counseling

Josh is an active startup mentor, usually working with 2 or 3 companies at any given time. Some are short and quick advice, others he’s been helping over the course of several years. If you are a founder in the B2B / enterprise software / small business / mobile messaging areas, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Personal Interests

Josh is a busy person, always down to try new things, and is generally missing the “fear” emotion. His family often calls him a high-risk junky. As an adult he’s mellow out some, but he’s still often an instigator and open to try anything.


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