Welcome To The Blog!

Hello all and welcome to my blog. Over the years I’ve had content on various platforms, but I am now trying to combine all content here. As I write this we are leaving 2020 behind and going into 2021, so perhaps you could call this a New Year’s resolution.

Most of my work here will be aimed at professional content, on topics like entrepreneurship, technology, business, and the like. However, there’ll be a bit of personal here and there, as I do believe in being the “same person” at work and in our personal lives. Well-rounded and healthy individuals make stronger leaders and employees, as us humans tend to not separate our personal lives very well and our personal challenges often end up becoming business challenges. Being well-rounded and having strong support networks help solve for that. More on this topic another time -- but here’s a decent related post: https://www.vox.com/first-person/2017/4/24/15264144/work-life-priorities-balance I’m also a big believer in enjoying the world we find ourselves in, and that includes business, sports, adventures, exploration -- and the inherent social side of those things. You’ll find some of that in my Personal Interests page, so follow me there too.

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the strangest and probably most difficult years in recent history. The difficult part is not equally distributed, however, so I feel for those impacted way more than me. In my story, 2020 was a very reflective year, with plenty of hardship, and not just corona virus related, but also in both my personal and professional relationships. The bright side (and I’m an eternal optimist, so there’s always a bright side :) is that the closed economy / slower pace this year meant plenty of time for reflection as well as time to work on those relationships -- with less distraction from consumerism and travel or (in my case) pressing business.

As we go into 2021, I hope for continued reflection and explicit work on our well-being along side our business endeavors. Although, I also hope we can find a way to get back to enjoying more of this world by getting out and about!! Forward!